The Philosophy of Jihad (holy war) in the Story of Taloot (Saul) and Jaloot (Goliath) from the viewpoint of Qur’an

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor of philosophy, Tehran university


The story of Saul and Goliath in the NobleQur’an, like other stories mentioned in Qur’an, contains the deepest philosophical, social, sociological, economic, political, psychological and legal issues with an eloquent and artistic language.
The present article aims to analyze and investigate “the philosophy of Jihad” from the viewpoint of Qur’an which has been artistically mentioned in the story of Saul and Goliath. The article discusses ten principles of “the philosophy of Jihad and fighting” including: rejection of aristocracy, proving the necessity of divine legitimacy, necessity of leadership, giving ultimatum to contesters, etc…. The author believes that through contemplation into these verses and taking lessen from them, one can apply these principles at every time and by following Wilayat ["Wilayat," derived from wila', means power, authority or a right of certain kind. In Shí'a theology, "wilayat" is the authority invested in the Prophet and the Ahlul Bayt as representatives of Almighty Allah on this earth] mentioned in these verses, he can avoid from misguidance and going astray and can hold his head up high through risings and fallings in the path of divine tests.