two Ghazzali's point of view about immortality: comparative study

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P.h D of comparative philosophy


one of the Ghazzali's idea about immortality is named New body .He suggested it in"Tahafot alfalasefe".He was tended to criticize philosopher's attitude about life after death .According to this view the man is made of two substance ;soul and body substance .soul is immortal and immaterial and personal identity relate to the soul . for Ghazzali it is possible that GOD give to human the same body or the other body because God is omnipotent .He wrote his other idea in" Aleghtesad fe aleteghad" is named recreation or reconstitution .this point of view is suggested by Ashaere. Base of this view, the body is perished and disappeared and then it is distributed after death. God can to gather parts of the body and return them in the other world .although Ghazzali said the former idea is my selection idea about immortality and the first is suggested for criticizing of philosopher's doctrine but there are some demonstrations that shows indeed new body and recreation or reconstitution doctrine are the same .In other words, one idea is explained by two kind of language, the first of them is express by philosophical language and the former is stated by teleological language.

Key word:Immortality,New body , Soul, Recreation or Reconstitution,Ghazzali .