The Sorley's moral argument for the existence of God and response to Kant's incorporation basis of natural and moral realm

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1 Associate Professor of philosophy, Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies, University of Tehran

2 Master of philosophy of religion, University of Tehran


One of the most famous arguments of existence of God in the last century, is Immanuel Kant's moral argument. Kant for preserve of that practical reason is unconditional, which is the pursuit of both happiness and virtue, assume God that complete this good by linking two different realms of morality and nature. But critics argue that Kant's arguments make sense only for human moral experience, assuming such a thing and they claim that cannot be actually an argument for the existence of God. hence some thinkers produce new ethical arguments. arguments from objectivity of moral values for the existence of god is one of this arguments. W.R. Sorley by prove objectivity of  moral values, constant Great mind as logical necessary for achieving the  moral values and
with special attention to this argument, assert that provides theoretical argument for the existence of God, and also able to ,under a unified reality, unite of the realm of nature and the moral realm. In this article, we will study and examine this moral argument.


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