Philosophy of Parapsychology from viewpoint of Avesina

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant professor of university of Quran and Etrat,Isfahan


Parapsychology, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, have considered, by physicists and philosophers,by institutes which formed ,and In the twentieth century, especially during the post-modern age, as means of critic and break the materialistic and physicalistic view of modernity, is more important. Review this subject ,in the Islamic culture,breasting our with  researches  of Avesina that with tow experiencial and philosophical  approaches  has studed the parapsychological  matters .In his discussion, in the framework of the active and passive corporeal and animated  causation and correlation with various types, precognition ,psychokiknesis ,efficiency of  Celestial  bodys in the things and the subject of death and next life encountered in the analysis of avesina  from this subgects,is separating the non-natural from supernatural,non-divine and divin supernatural, unrepeatable and repeatable divine prophetic supernatural. And the human soul with elements such, constitution  and acquisition, , can be considered as the main cause of this subjects.the matters of parapsychology in the philosophy of Avesina , over which such discussions of postmodern as tool  to prove the supernatural and spiritual,is  philosophical and spiritual part of a system that based on a system of knowledge ,that finding itself  philosophical  explanation .


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