The transition from ethics to religion in German idealism

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Prpfessor of department of Philosophy,Tehran University

2 Master of Philosophy at Tehran University


The relationship between ethics and religion, which can be an issue in all the history of philosophy and philosophy in all systems studied. But the discussion of Kant practical reason and its separation as a theoretical sense and Followed by discussion of metaphysical and theological ethics and religion to the realm of practical reason bring about other effects found. Although Kant denies all arguments prove the existence of God, knows  morality implies a belief in God. After Kant, German scholars believe ideas try eliminate the gap between practical reason and theoretical reason and they presented new steps  with regard to the achievements of Kant. This process has investigated to Hegel Significantly. Hegel as the most prominent German idea posed absolute belief against in the separation of subject and object. According to Hegel, religion can also be considered in the field of knowledge and attributes of God is unknowable theoretical. Thus, for Hegel, Kant's moral argument does not need the one hand and on the other hand Kant's principles come to God through practical reason seems impossible in the realm of ethics.



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