New Approache in view of the meaning of life, according to Kierkegaard

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master of Philosophy of Religion of Allameh Tabatabaie university

2 Associate Professor of Tehran University


The present research is an attempt to search “the meaning of life” from Kierkegaard's point of view. Although the question of the meaning of life was not noticeably and directly the issue of debate in the Kierkegaard's era, the essence of his thoughts forms the basic structures underlying the notion of "meaning of life". As a modern theologian and an existentialist, Kierkegaard's ideas are focusing on existence. Therefore, the starting point of this study was set to understanding of human and existential features. According to Kierkegaard's various dispersing ideas, the existential features are defined as: human is a becoming existence which individuality, contradiction, suffering, love, anxiety and despair are attendant for it. Moreover, life itself is a procedure that human takes, and in existentialism it doesn't count as an abstract concept, but as an annexed reality that forms its states, thoughts and actions. Therefore, the meaning of life equivalents the meaning of the existence; and the themes of meaning of life becomes the existential features. As a result, such features and their conditional meaning in life can collectively provide the meaning of life.The quality realization of these features and thus find meaning in life together makes the meaning of life.Thus the meaning of these features have a more valuable and deserve the same respect one's life would be meaningful. Another point that according to Kierkegaard, existential features to gather it all into becoming a authentic human or "self". As a result, the meaning of life in terms of Kierkegaard, depend on realize the authentic human and this, requires the realization of existential features in their authentic and original sense



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