A comparative study of Aristotle's ethical thought and Tusi

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Professor, University of Allameh Tabatabai

2 Associate Campus Farabi, Tehran University

3 Master of ethics, PNU Qom


This article is based on a comparative study of moral ideas of Aristotle and Tusi and similar moral views posted. As will be shown, moral values play an important role in achieving happiness. Happiness is the greatest good that everyone just for the sake of happiness, to pursue it.
Nasir such as Aristotle thought that ethics, the basics of their objective But unlike Aristotle, believed that human reason alone was not able to reach all of these principles, And in addition to wisdom should get full knowledge about the features of ethics should law was helping. And religion with the introduction of the hereafter opened our eyes to a life that is ending its details are not known by reason. However, according to Nasir religion to live in such a world , is necessary.
"Justice" as the source of human virtue and happiness, common thought is Aristotle's ethics and Nasir that in both books is emphasized. The source of all virtue and justice in their approach and not be part of it and to justice, prosperity will not be possible.

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