The Development of the New Theological Approaches and their Characteristics

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associated professor of University of Tehran, College of Farabi

2 PH.D Candidate in Islamic Thought, University of Tehran, College of Farabi


In this paper the developments in the contemporary theology ever since Schleiermacher, as the founder of the modern theology, and the new definitions of religion provided by the theologians of religion are being studeid. From the perspective of Schleiermacher, religion is not merely the moral imperatives, but is rather a mysterious and unfalsifiable experience, and that faith is distinct from reason. Karl Barth insisted that talking about God is not propositional, but rather an event or occasion. Reinhold Niebuhr, from the New Orthodoxical tradition, showed that reason and faith have two distinct and separate contexts. Some existentialists, like Rudolf Bultmann and Paul Tillich, tried to demythologize the Bible and to show that statements about God are all symbolic. What are dominant in the contemporary theology are the critical, hermeneutical, pluralistic, text-based, historical and non-dogmatic attitudes along with the denial of totalitarianism.


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