An Anlysis of the Possiblity of the Divine Attributes and the Will to Believe, Based on Paul Tillich’s Views

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Assistant professor of the University of Tehran


There is no doubt that the belief in God is a state of heart that provides safety for the believer and stands above all the minor beliefs of man, as well as granting happiness; but to provide the characteristics of the object of faith, i.e. the divine attributes, is necessary in discussing one of the most basic issues in the Islamic and Christian theologies. In this context, the Christian existentialist theologian Paul Tillich, in a very complex and ambiguous way, difines God and his attributes and presents faith with characteristics such as: ultimare and the unconditional concern, and the ultimate concern of human life and action, as well as the conscious act and the subject of freedom. Although he is one of the modertare fedeists, but his definition of faith, based on the aforementioned characteristics, is paradoxical. This aiticle seeks to prove two issues: First, the absolute and infinite nature of God does not mean that there is no real and actual attributes to God. And second, faith, in all its stages, is an act of will and freedom.


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