Universe Out of Nothing Based on Quantum Vacuum Fluctuation: A Criticism of the Proposal of God-Free Creation

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Rhetoric, Research Institute of Hikmat and Philosophy of Iran, Tehran, Iran


The beginning and non-eternity of the world is one of the hot topics of modern cosmology that has attracted the Abrahamic believers and philosophers , In the standard model of cosmology this idea has become more prominent than in the past. Some have tried to explain the beginning of the world from zero or nothingness with the fluctuation of the quantum vacuum in the condition of infinite curvature, so that the problem does not turn to a philosophical one. In this article, at first the necessary quantum prerequisites to understand this scenario have explained and then its description are presented, then based on this detailed explanation, we will show two main problems: 1) it includes verbal false reasoning and 2) it still doesn't remove the need for a supernatural agent to explain how the world began from nothing.


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