Review and critique of Ian Ramsey's theory about the language of religion

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Teaching Department of Theology (Philosophy of Religion) Graduate Education Center of Payam Noor University, Tehran, Iran

2 Teaching Department of Kalam (Philosophy of Religion) Graduate Education Center of Payam Noor University, Tehran, Iran




One of the unique views of the language of religion is the approach of Ian Thomas Ramsey, the Oxford bishop and philosopher of religion in the 1950s. The present article is written in a descriptive and analytical way to examine Ian Thomas Ramsey's perspective on the language of religion, and its main topics will include two topics; First, the explanation and description of knowledge of the language of religion by "Ian Thomas Ramsey "; Secondly; The language of secret speech about God and the justification of theological propositions. About the language of religion, Ian Ramsey believes in a kind of religious experience that can be achieved by describing theological phrases and words. Ramsey 's epistemological approach was to defend religious teachings against the critical position of Anthony Flew and Ayer regarding the irrefutability and meaninglessness of religious propositions. As a result, he believed that religious words and religious propositions, like scientific propositions, can contain meaning and in a certain situation contain revelation and have a unique type of experience. The most important issues and concerns of Ian Ramzi were giving an experimental place to the language of religion, understanding the semantic use of words, discovering the real affairs of the world by modeling and using metaphor in the method of understanding the theological language.


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