Analyzing and Etymologizing of Ghāzī Saīed’s Viewpoint about Semantics of God’s Names and Attributes



The problem of attributes and semantics of divine features and its relation with god’s real theism is one of the fundamental issues in theology and very often has been a sphere for representing of different believes of Islamic thinkers. Among them, Gh?sz? Sa?ed from Qom, one of the greatest Shiite thinkers at the time of Safavi dynasty, has had a special idea about existential and semantics of God’s names and attributes. His idea was totally differ from ordinary and famous views of Shiite thinkers.
The present article, with investigating of his works and process of his thought altering, will show that his central idea about semantics of God’s attributes is focused on negative theology and description of God according to his action attributes. His special idea about this issue is taken from Hadith.