The Coordinates of Geometry of Endowment Wisdom in Sādra’s Philosophy



S?dra’s system of philosophy is consist of deep reflection on the secrets of existence; mental ascesis and juridical j?h?d that in which the effort of the seeker and true-hearted sage who could reach to the level of V?lay?t, for completion of his mental and spiritual journey, continuously enjoys from God’s grace and confirmation.
M?lla S?dra believes in endowment wisdom and in some parts of his philosophical works clearly has emphasized on it. He also maintained that in attaining to the secrets of this kind of philosophy in some cases he was alone. According to his view, in discovering the secrets of the universe and attaining to God’s favor, we have no choice unless sincere servitude against our creator, purification of the soul, immaculacy the heart and humble request from God.
So it is clear that those aliens who call themselves as owners of wisdom, but has no relation with it, never would attain it.