Entrepreneur Culture and it's Relation to Philosophy and Religion: Toward an Islamic Model



Researches have shown that some groups are more successful in entrepreneurship field than the others, but why? There are many causes for this prosperity but in this paper we are going to show that the fundamental philosophical-religious beliefs of individuals; i.e. the world-views play an essential role in this respect. For defending of this view, first of all we will analyze the concept of culture and its related issues, and then, we will study the idea of "priority of culture" and "Entrepreneur culture".
But in this respect, which elements are more important and influential in culture? Here we recognize nine factors that have influence on entrepreneurship: importance of this (material) world, financial sources, work, women role in society, individualism, free will (freedom), rationality, responsibility, and critical thinking. These elements directly or indirectly are impressed by individuals' philosophical and religious attitude.
At the end, we try according to Islamic- Iranian doctrines of culture suggest a good model for Iranian society.