A study in Theory of Substitution from Motazela and Emamiyeh Point of View



As we all know, human beings and animals in their life sometimes encounter with hardships and pains, while they were not culpable. Some of the Motazela and Emamiyeh’s theologians called this pains “the Primary Pains” and they generally regard them as a good events, because they are coming from Allah. In this respect (goodness of the Primary Pains) there are two different ideas:
The first one that belongs to Mutazelah and emamiyeh theologians argues that beside the fact that “the Primary Pains” are expediential, it is also good because of the theory of substitution. In the other word, it is necessary for its cause to substitute this pain with something else. The Second one says that the origins of “the Primary Pains” lay down only in their interest for creatures and there is no need to any more substitution.
In this paper we challenged both perspectives: the first view is not completely true, because the devout people (people who are observant of religious laws and practices) will receive the remuneration in the afterlife world, and they will receive the substitution only if they are not given remuneration. And about non-devout people (who necessarily are not observant of religious laws and practices) like animals, kids, insane and so on, if the “the Primary Pain” is in their interest then they ...