A Critical Study of the Descriptive Evolutionary Ethics and the Empirical Ethics

Document Type : Research Paper


Associate prof., University of Qom, Iran


This research is a new attempt in order to study the effect of evolution theory in the dimension of empirical ethics. In the contemporary area the evolutionary ethics is in the three branches: descriptive, prescriptive and meta-ethics. The descriptive evolutionary ethics tries to modify human’s ethical believes in the evolutionary aspect and achieves more share from two others part in this ground. Despite the descriptive evolutionary ethics, the prescriptive evolutionary ethics and meta-ethics deal with normative ethics.
In this article, with the study of the three branches of evolutionary ethics and the separation of empirical ethics of ethics in the normative sense, we believe that despite accepting the biological effects on ethics, there are serious challenges to descriptive evolutionary ethics and it seems that this theory beside potential competitor theories, such as the independent moral thinking could survive. However, this theory is very seriously in conflict with the principles of religious morality.



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