A Study of Copleston's Approach to Comparative Philosophy

Document Type : Research Paper


Copleston's approach to the East has changed over time, so that one can speak of Capleston earlier and later. He realized the East as well as Russian thought and distanced himself from his previous approach. From among his numerous works, Philosophers and Culture and Religion and the One: Philosophies East and West are the two most important books written based on a comparative approach. Instead of emphasizing the opposition of the Eastern and Western philosophies, Copleston puts emphasis on their interaction and synergy that leads to the expansion of vision and enrichment of thought. Copplestone's approach to comparative studies is historical, yet his approach is different from Mason-Ursel's historical approach. He considers the breadth of vision and the richness of thought to be the most important achievement of the interaction of East and West thought. The need for comparative scholar to become familiar with the outlines of the philosophies of other cultures and their languages, to avoid any hasty dichotomies and inaccurate generalizations, and to emphasize the presupposition are among the most important issues in her approach to comparative studies.